Announcing JeeDota2 Championship #2

JeeDota2 Championship #2

JeeSports Dota2 Championship is about fun and glory. With eSports progression in mind, our team will bring Dota2 fans world class entertainment and non stop action! Ladies and gents get ready for some competitive gaming!

Qualifiers for Season II will start Feb 5th 2012 and run  for 8 weeks to March 25th. At the end of the qualifiers the top 12 teams of the series plus the top 4 teams of Season I will be invited to join JeeDota2 Championship #2. The championship consists in a single round robin group stage followed by single elimination playoffs tournament where the top 8 teams of the group stage will duck it out for a total prize pool for 400 euros*.

Below you will find all the details you need to register your team together with the qualifiers calendar and Championship eligibility criteria. And if you do not have a team yet or lack of players in your team go straight to our players/teams marketplace and look for potential the teammates.
Join us on irc (#JeeSports.Dota2 on to find out more and draft players if you need to.


JeeDota2 Championship #2 - sign up

Go to the tournament page of your choice and click on the "sign-up" button. You will go through all the steps necessary to register.
Click on a date in the below table to open the corresponding tournament page.

Series' One click Sign Up: assuming your account meets the sign up requirements as per the tournament page, you can sign up to all tournament of the series in one go by click on the "Sign up to Series" button that can be found on any of the series tournament page.
Please note this signs you up but won't check you in. To check-in return to the tournament page one hour before the event starts and click on the 'check-in' button which would appear where the sign-up button used to be.

This is an international tournament. Players of all countries and continent should sign up. GL HF!

JeeDota2 Championship #2 - Looking for a team?

Would you like to participate but don't have a team? Or are you a team looking for more members?
Wait no more and visit our players & teams market place where you can look for players looking for a team as well as teams looking for players.

  • Player: to create your ad click here.
  • Team: to create your ad: visit Replace 'My_Clan_Name' with your clan real name.

Another option is to join us on the IRC channel #JeeSports.Dota2 at any point in time and/or two hours prior to a cup start time so you can hook up with other free agents.
There is also a Free Agents clan you can join: go Free Agents and click on 'JoinGroup' on the top right section of the page.

JeeDota2 Championship #2 - qualifiers

Day Type Qualifier #1
Qualifier #2
Qualifier #3
Qualifier #4
Sunday 5v5 Feb. 5th @ 14:00 CET Feb. 12th @ 14:00 CET Feb. 19th @ 14:00 CET Feb. 26th @ 14:00 CET


Day Type Qualifier #5
Qualifier #6
Qualifier #7
Qualifier #8
Sunday 5v5 Mar. 4th @ 14:00 CET Mar. 11th @ 14:00 CET Mar. 18th @ 14:00 CET Mar. 25th @ 14:00 CET

Important note: to qualify for the Championship #2 you must be top 12 of the series. This means it may not be sufficient to win one cup. Your team results need to be consistent across the series.
Check your team position on Dota2 Series Ranking page.

JeeDota2 Championship #2 - championship

Eligibility: Your team must be top 12 of the JeeDota2 5v5 Open Series or top 4 of JeeDota2 Championship #1.
The 16 teams will be split in 4 groups. Every week on Saturday the teams will play one of their group stage match.

  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
PlayDay #1
Apr. 1st @ 14:00 CET
team 1 vs team 2
team 3 vs team 4
team 5 vs team 6
team 7 vs team 8
team 9 vs team 10
team 11 vs team 12
team 13 vs team 14
team 15 vs team 16
PlayDay #2
Apr. 8th @ 14:00 CET
team 1 vs team 3
team 3 vs team 4
team 5 vs team 7
team 6 vs team 8
team 9 vs team 11
team 10 vs team 12
team 13 vs team 15
team 14 vs team 16
PlayDay #3
Apr. 15th @ 14:00 CET
team 1 vs team 4
team 3 vs team 2
team 5 vs team 8
team 7 vs team 6
team 9 vs team 12
team 11 vs team 10
team 13 vs team 16
team 15 vs team 14

Top 2 teams of each group advance to the Playoffs.

Playoffs: 8 teams  Apr. 29th @ 14:00 CET - single elimination brackets

JeeDota2 - prizes

The top 3 teams of the Championship playoffs will share 400 euros.

1st place 2nd place 3rd place
250 euro 100 euro 50 euro


JeeDota2 - casters

TBC: To Be Confirmed.
If you are interested in casting/streaming this event and would like to be mentioned here or become an official partner please contact

JeeDota2 - how to contribute

We are continuously looking to grow our team of event admins, news editors and casters.
If interested please read our Dota2 recruitment article.

Dota2 Recruitment

JeeDota2 - Support

RC Channel #JeeSports.Dota2 (IRC client:

Dota2 Forum: 

If you require support please contact our admins on the above platforms or post a comment below.


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JeeDota2 - FAQ

1. Is there going to be another championship?
A: We don't know at this stage but most likely not: We will be switching to a Leagues with divisions system. More info to follow

2. What happens if Dota2 is released in the meantime?
A: We use the retail game and carry on as planned.

3. My team won a qualifier, are we automatically qualified for the Championship?
A: Not necessarily. Eligibility to the championship is based on your team series ranking. The series ranking is based on teams results across all the qualifiers i.e. Open series cup. check the Dota2 5v5 Open series Ranking page to see where you team stand. read JeeSports Tournament Series System to understand how the ranking works.